Monday, November 5, 2007

Hacker Defender Rootkit article published in hakin9 magazine

I'm happy to announce that my Hacker Defender Article was published in this month's hakin9 magazine.

Premium LSO Members can see it on the site, and it will get posted on carnal0wnage after the magazine has done its run in the book stores.

Big thanks to MC for the 0day for the client side demo in the article

its basically a how-to on using the rootkit since i found the readme to not be enough detail to actually deploy it. we use metasploit to pop a meterpreter shell using a client side exploit, upload the rootkit, then we change some registry keys, show how Hacker Defender hides processes and we play with the backdoor client. Hopefully its useful...we'll let the hate mail decide :-)

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