Monday, February 18, 2008

Verizon Voyager First Thoughts

so it was time to get a new phone and we are unfortunately stuck with Verizon because the whole damn family is on verizon. given a choice i'd be with AT&T for their phone selection and network availability, anway... i had a blackberry 7130e, the one without the full keyboard. with verizon you have to have to pay an additional 40 bucks a month for blackberry data. Being the cheap ass that i am i decided to go with one of these other smart-ish phones since i cant have an iphone.

bring in the LG Voyager vx10000

its basically the enV with the touch front and a few other software options, the keyboard layout on the inside is the same. initial thoughts based on having a blackberry. its NOT push technology, i got the verizon premium stuff so unlimed text and data. it was easy to set up my carnal and learnsecurityonline email to be checked from it but you have to go an log into it, not have it pushed to you, acceptable just different.

to use the speakerphone you have to open the thing up and push the speaker button next to the CLR button. i dont care for the bluetool devices and usually use speakerphone when on the phone when i drive, so that's going to take some getting used to.

the touch screen on the front works ok, you get a little vibrate action for feedback, doesnt work so well when i use my thumb, better with fingers. which sucks because if you are a blackberry user you should have some mad thumb skills.

the VZnavigator (GPS) thing works ok, havent totally tried it out yet, easy to set up and get going, it told me i was at the house quickly.

the web browser has no java, so no google reader :-( thus far, i'm going to have to search for another solution to read blog stuff while on the road

the OS is the verizon/LG OS, no real opinions on this yet.

tethering the device to use the phone as the modem. you can supposedly change some options on the phone and essentially use the phone with a bluetooth adapter as an EVDO modem. suppsoedly violates your TOS and instructions vary based on firmware versions. i'm still looking for my bluetooth adapter to see how it works and looking a bit more on potential trouble. at the very worst it appears it is ok to use it on the "1x" network as a 14.4k modem, worst case you can download email thru it(if you have about a week of unused minutes)

didnt come with any type of holster, not even a ghetto one

bottom line is i'm keeping it (so far) and if/when i get the modem thing working i'll post back or if i decide it sucks and want to rant

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