Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Blog?

Richard Bejtlich has a really good blog post on his blog entitled "why blog".

He lists five things:
  1. Blogging organizes thoughts.

  2. Blogging captures and shares thoughts.

  3. Blogging facilitates public self-expression.

  4. Blogging establishes communities.

  5. Blogging can contribute original knowledge faster than any other medium.
I'll let you read the blog for the discussion on the five things but I've really enjoyed blogging.

I mostly keep the blog as my note taking canvas (for notes I want to share with others) but RB's five reasons are reasons I blog as well.


Mikazo said...

Interesting post, that's the same reason I started my blog, just things I've done that other people might be doing, and then they will only have to Google once for information instead of several times like I had to

Anonymous said...

I teach Network Security classes at a college and I setup a website for my students do download my lectures and other course related materials.

Recently I relaunched my site this time as blog. My students still have access to my course materials but I can market my security skills.

I am currently trying to get into Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing. I have been teaching students how to do it for years and many do it for a living. Now I'm trying to make the switch and I think my blog is the best way for me to make the sell.

One of my current projects is creating a series of training video's where I can demonstrate my knowledge.

I have also meet some really great people in the security field through my blog.