Thursday, October 22, 2009

DirSnatch has gone GUI

Hey all, as promised I have something coded up and it works well enough to release. Still a lot of functionality to add so you can give your customers something nice to look at it and fairly dummy proof.

DirSnatch, the script I wrote with @k3r0s1n3 was really something my customers liked (due to expedited testing times) but was basically really ugly. It was ugly because it was a dreaded console app :(

Okay, so using the ruby gems 'ocra' and 'wxruby' k3r0s1n3 and I were able to create a windows based stand-alone executable in GUI form.

Again, there is a TON to add to this tool and make it just cooler to work with.

Also, we are working on making Qwickr (formerly qwick_request) GUI.

Qwickr currently allows you to request URLs in a text file (such as the output from DirSnatch) in a threaded fashion thru the intercepting proxy of your choice. This is also helpful if you intercepting proxy doesn't allow you to save the URLs you've spidered. This creates a site map in no time.

The console version of Qwickr is finished but we don't want to release until its functioning as a GUI app. So be on the look out for that.

Here is a screen shot of DirSnatch_v1.1

This is what the output.txt looks like

So the new version can be download Here

The file annotated GUI_DirSnatch.rb works on linux but you must perform a 'gem install wxruby'

Happy Hacking!


HTD said...

i think there is a problem in using it with windows XP ,
the screenshots are for Windows Vista ,
plz take a look

cktricky said...

DirSnatch was tested in an XP environment and worked. However, that is not to say something couldn't be wrong so please describe any errors you are getting. One thing I noticed on XP is it takes two or three times as long to load.