Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekly "That's Interesting" Wrap-Up 7 Oct 2011

i'm probably gonna fail miserably at regularly posting anything but F it, im motivated right now and that's what matters.

So interesting stuff this week.

DerbyCon videos are slowly being posted. they're here:

Specifically, watch Chris Nickerson's talk. Its funny and has a point.

So far i've watched Carlos Perez's and Rick Redman's, both were good. Caught most of jadedsecurity's on track2, also good.

SK Hack by an Advanced Persistent Threat

Coldfusion is interesting to me, specially with the tight java intergration. You can do alot with it. The future of coldfusion from ColdFusionJedi

The rest of the stuff that was interesting is shared via google reader:


Devon said...

haha, I hear ya Chris. I keep trying to find time to blog about something useful. I either don't have time, or the material I have just isn't ready yet.

I think next year I'm going to make sure I'll be at Derbycon. Heard wayyy too many good things about it to miss out on it twice.

Not sure if you'll be in Miami for Hacker Halted. If not, I'll definitely blog to let you know about all the sun you missed. :D

Anonymous said...

Follow up findings related to "SK Hack by an Advanced Persistent Threat" are available at The paper describes in detail malicious protocols and infrastructure used by the attackers. It also links the attack to other high-profile incidents such as the recent Sykipot DoD smart card attacks, the RSA breach, and the Night Dragon series of attacks.