Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nessuscmd for scanning a host with a subset of plugins

Need to check a few specifc nessus plugins against a host?

$ sudo ./nessuscmd -p80,443 -v -V -i 38157,10107

Starting nessuscmd 4.4.0
Scanning ''...

Host is up

Discovered open port http (80/tcp) on

[i] Plugin 10107 reported a result on port http (80/tcp) of
[i] Plugin 38157 reported a result on port http (80/tcp) of

+ Results found on
+ - Port http (80/tcp) is open
[i] Plugin ID 38157 Synopsis :
The remote web server contains a document sharing software Description : The remote web server is running SharePoint, a web interface for document management. As this interface is likely to contain sensitive information, make sure only authorized personel can log into this site See also : http://www.microsoft.com/Sharepoint/default.mspx

Solution : Make sure the proper access controls are put in place

Risk factor : None

Plugin output : The following instance of SharePoint was detected on the remote host :

Version :

looks like the functionality has been there for awhile:

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