Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not 0wning That ColdFusion Server but Helping...

Stephen, @averagesecguy, wrote a post on owning a ColdFusion server. its pretty good and he wrote some code to help things along.

Code: https://github.com/averagesecurityguy/scripts

I thought I'd add to the conversation with some stuff I found doing CF research. The code he wrote and the metasploit module works great if things are in their default locations. Of course, this will never be the case when you are on a PT and need to break into that mofro.

Anyway, there is a misconfiguration that, when its present, can greatly help you exploit that locale traversal attack. Alot of time you can get the sha1.js and verify that the patch is not applied.

Anyway, more than once I've gotten that far but the host was Linux and locating the password.properties file failed. You're essentially guessing blind. So what i discovered is that sometimes the componentlist.cfm [Site/CFIDE/componentutils/componentlist.cfm] file is available. It looks like this:

Click on one of the components and you get full path to the installed component:

Not the best example, because stuff is where we would expect it to be. This one is better:

Now you know where to direct that directory traversal to get the proper file.

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Shubham said...

In regards to the directory traversal vulnerability for CFIDE panels.

I have designed a python open source, code that allows you to automate the process of retrieving hashes. It also has support for lists, meaning servers can be tested in the masses. (Great for a CFM dev who owns many servers etc).

Feel free to check it out at : http://code.google.com/p/cfide-autopwn/