Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Debut of Offensive Techniques:

We have completely overhauled our Tactical Exploitation class for Blackhat, and are now getting ready to debut a new course at Countermeasure 2012 (http://www.countermeasure2012.com/) titled Offensive Techniques (http://www.countermeasure2012.com/training-ot.html)

Offensive Techniques is designed to show students how to truly conduct offensive cyber operations on networks. In our current day of "APT" and targeted attacks, companies often don't understand how they are vulnerable to these types of attacks. Targeted attacks can be carried off by individuals as well as nation states and Offensive Techniques is designed to teach students how to really conduct these types of operations. We increasingly see many "pen-testing" shops disappoint a customer with a report about how many shells they got, but not how vulnerable their business is from someone actually coming after them in a targeted manner.The class is designed to work a student through compromising a fully operational enterprise Windows and Unix network with techniques perfected by Attack Research.
We will be releasing more courses in the near future ranging from secure system administration to offensive and defensive classes. If you are interested in Offensive Techniques or other courses drop us a line at training@attackresearch.com


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