Monday, December 29, 2014


Ken Johnson and I gave a talk on going after Devops tools at Lascon in October.  Slides for the talk are below:

LasCon 2014 DevOoops from Chris Gates

The talk was recorded, once the talk is posted somewhere I'll update my vimeo channel with the talk.



michal said...

thx :)

Unknown said...

Great work, Sir. Any chance to get a downloadable version (PDF also OK..) of your slides?

CG said...


send me an email and i'll send you a copy.

micxer said...

Did you get your hands on the video already? Would be nice to see that along going through the slides.

CG said...

Video from lascon isnt out but the recording from OWASP DC is.

also on vimeo channel as per the post

lalalapilas said...

Great presentation , love it @Gianluca Varisco