Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sometimes I think security jobs are going away but then...

you get posts (and replies) like these:

Original Post on wordpress (in)security:

Awesome response and why there is still faith on security jobs being around for awhile longer:

"When I upgraded to 2.1.2 it was such a disaster that I probably won’t upgrade again until I *have* to. So many things broke in the upgrade that it took me (novice with php & mysql) days to fix, and I never did get my old theme working.

People like me who just blog for our non-local families and friends don’t want to spend a ton of time fixing our sites - that’s why we use WP in the first place. I suppose I don’t really care if it’s vulnerable - there’s nothing mission-critical that I have to worry about losing."

yes never mind most attackers are looking for another notch in the botnet belt or a box to hop through. oh well, nothing like job security...

Also on the site is a good post about the wordpress vulnerabilities with advisories:

everything but the google dorks. oh wait here you go:



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