Thursday, May 24, 2007

Using the MSF daemon (msfd)

Msfd plugin"This plugin provides an msf daemon interface that spawns a listener on a defined port (default 55554) and gives each connecting client its own console interface. These consoles all share the same framework instance. Be aware that the console instance that spawns on the port is entirely unauthenticated, so realize that you have been warned."

MSFD options:

SegFault:~/framework-3.0 cg$ ./msfd -h

Usage: msfd


-a Bind to this IP address instead of loopback
-f Run the daemon in the foreground
-h Help banner
-p Bind to this port instead of 55554


The default is to set up a listener on, that won't do : change the default hostname to the IP of the box running msfd in plugins/msfd.rb and connect to it that way or on the command line with

# The default local hostname that the server listens on.
DefaultHost = ""

To unload the plugin, just type unload "plugin name"


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