Friday, May 16, 2008

New School Information Gathering Talk at ChicagoCon

Gave my New School Information Gathering talk at ChicagoCon. I think it went pretty well and I got some good feedback on it afterwards.

here was the agenda:

Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)‏
Google Mail Harvesters
Online Tools

I was pretty surprised that most people had not heard of the tools and only like 3 people had heard of Maltego. I should have a Maltego v2 review getting pushed out on soon.

slides and audio should be out next week on the ChicagoCon site. If you are really anxious you can email me and I will probably send them to you.


Anthony Williams said...


Congrats on a successful preso! I wish I could have been there.


Jhaddix said...

awesome, congrats!

could i possibly get an eamil of the info?


CG said...

thanks Anthony! see you in vegas!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the content, too...

would you be willing to email it to me, or email me if you post it online?

alexhutton (at) gmaildotcom

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the content, too...


CG said...

email(s) sent

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to request the info too? honkanen_nomads at hotmail dot com

Thanks! :-)

CG said...

well i've had alot of people ask for the slides and no feedback.

i know the full impact isnt seen from the sanitized ones, sorry. But any feedback? totally sucks? mild garbage? ok? learned something? etc