Thursday, May 15, 2008

Val Smith tells it like it is

God Bless Val Smith for laying it out there.

"I'm in it for the fun.

There I said it. If everyone did everything securely, I wouldn't have
much to do and I'd have to pour coffees or flip burgers for a living.
I like showing up for a pen test and finding unpatched boxes, or users
sharing admin passwords. I love finding web apps with null byte file
inclusion bugs, or passwordless ssh keys with sudo permissions on
every server. Its FUN. I suspect other security researchers have
reached this conclusion (even if they haven't admitted it to
themselves yet) that security is probably too hard a problem to
"solve" and all our ranting really doesn't make anyone more secure in
the long run. At this point, broken things are fun and we just want to
play and thankfully people are willing to pay for it. I don't mind if
you continuously make it just a little bit harder, just to keep it
interesting, but don't take away my exploits please! ;) "

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