Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pass The Hash Toolkit v1.4 released

What a great 4th of July present an update to pass the hash toolkit, now with XP SP3 support!

from the full disclosure announcement:

Source Code:

Win32 Binaries:


What's new?:

*Support for XP SP 3 for whosthere/iam (whosthere-alt/iam-alt work on xp sp3
without requiring any update)

*New -t switch for whosthere/whosthere-alt: establishes interval used
by the -i switch (by default 2 seconds).

*New -a switch for whosthere/iam: specify addresses to use. Format:
(WARNING!: if you use the wrong values the system may crash)
The idea is that, if you find yourself in a version of Windows where
whosthere/iam don't work (and iam-alt/whosthere-alt don't work
either); you can run LSASRV.DLL thru IDA, run the PASSTHEHASH.IDC
script included in the Pass-The-Hash toolkit, and use the addresses
found by the script with the -a switch.

This basically allows you to specify addresses at runtime to whosthere whithout
the need to recompile the tool.

*New -r switch for iam/iam-alt: Create a new logon session and run a
command with
the specified credentials (e.g.: -r cmd.exe)

*genhash now outputs hashes using the LM HASH:NT HASH format

*several bugfixes and stuff

between winexe, msf psexec, token stealing, and the pass the hash toolkit, you'll never have to crack another password ever again.


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