Monday, July 28, 2008

Passed My CISA

got word I passed my CISA.

ph33r me!

I'll pass on the certification hating, see my posts on CEH != competent pentester and CISSP != competent pentester...pretty much the same feelings on this one.

looks like I had already done a CISA i'll still spare you the hatin'


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The cert may not make you 133t but hopefully you will get more cash for having it.

CG said...

thanks geekyone!

E. Hulse said...

Your soooo off my friends list :P


dean de beer said...

You're off the guest list for Vegas.

nice work cg,


CG said...

As I previously mentioned work made me take it cuz of the new 8570. I just didnt want to take it (again)

please dont take me off any "cool guy" lists. I think I am only on one out of complete sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Gratz, CG.

Anthony Williams said...

Congrats CG! Hope to see you at DC16.

Morgan Storey said...

no, no getting you CISA/CISSP/CEH/ETC doesn't make you uncool, thinking the cert makes you all-knowing and an Uber-hacker does.