Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Carnal0wnage will be a BruCon!

I'm happy to announce that I'll be speaking at Brucon in September (18-19) on Open Source Information Gathering.

This is an update to my set of talks last year. After a year of doing OSINT work I've revised the methodology and it should be a pretty good update to the previous talk. I'm planning on focusing a lot on Person/Organization Information Gathering (IG) and should be followed by Chris Nickerson talking about Red and Tiger Team Testing(I call it Full Scope testing) aka putting all the "stuff" we found in my talk to actual use.

should be a good time. plus hoeagaarden on tap!

check the Brucon blog for up to date info


Pieter Danhieux said...

Hoeagaarden will be one of the "pussy" bears in comparison what you will get at the conference :)

CG said...


thats good stuff. I actually lived in Belgium for three years and sample quite a few of the local beers, all the big boy ones usually taste like nyquil. hoegaarden ended up being my favorite.

Security4all said...

Interesting. Where did you live? Glad you're coming and that we will sample some beers together. ;-)

canis187 said...

Damn. I'll be in germany like a week after that for work. wish the dates lined up a bit better. if they did i would definately drive up there for this.

Have fun!