Sunday, May 3, 2009

Geek Mafia Pseudo Book Review

So not a real book review because its not a tech book, but certainly a recommendation to grab a copy of Geek Mafia (PM Fiction) and read it if you read (and I may be kicked out of the "club" for this) non-technical books at all.

Geek Mafia has a good mix of tech, sex, geek, and adventure to make it a good read. I've ordered the second one (Geek Mafia: Mile Zero (PM Fiction) and I'm ordering the third one (Geek Mafia: Black Hat Blues (PM Fiction) as soon its available.



SynJunkie said...

I'm a big fan of the Stealing The Network series from Syngress which I liked due to the inclusion of technical details. How does this book compare?



CG said...

its not as technical as that series. there is no "code" in the book.

phat32 said...

Agree with CG. I've read both and they're more entertaining than technical. The author has put a lot of time into researching the "hacker" scene and does a great job of portraying the technical details in a plausible manner while also mixing it with the fictional story.

The main group of characters utilize a healthy mix of hacking and SE to pull of their various jobs. Very good stuff. I've read a sample chapter from the 3rd book and it's starts off at ShmooCon.

I think both books are a great read.