Wednesday, November 4, 2009

BackTrack 4 version of DirChex now available

Hey folks,

As promised k3r0s1n3 has delivered! We now have a BT4 specific version of DirChex_v1.1 available. If you navigate to the DirChex Project Page you can download the zip file containing the program and the install script. Just unzip the file, 'cd DirChex_v1.1' and then 'bash'...........that is about it!

Then fire up the program 'ruby DirChex_v1.1.rb'

Okay folks so here is a screenshot:

k3r0s1n3 is the man for whipping this up in such short time. You can visit his blog Here .

Also SPECIAL thanks to @mubix for helping to troubleshoot various errors for the release. Without his help the program wouldn't be a fully functioning stand-alone windows executable.

Happy Hacking!

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