Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Customizing Your Metasploit Banner

Hey I'm as vain as the next security dude in the community so let's see how I can stroke my own ego with metasploit!!

Metasploit has awesome banners. Once you load it up you'll get your random banner or you can just keep typing banner to randomly get one. If you don't like hdm's banner hotness, you can always roll your own. And thanks to msf in color its never been easier to sexy up your ascii art.

I wanted to see carnal0wnage when I started it up.

Step one. Find and open banner.rb in your favorite editor. banner.rb is located in %msfdir%/lib/msf/ui (do I need to tell you to make a backup of the orig?)

Step two. Go to ascii art generator of choice and pick a few pimp ass ascii logos for whatever you want (even though metasploit is pretty damn cool as it is)

**keep in mind ticks (') and underscore (_) mean things in ruby so you probably cant use any ascii art that includes those.

***bonus credit for editing banner.rb to only have the cowsays and bet john strand you can ALWAYS get the cow on command.

Step three. Paste those into banner.rb with ticks and commas separating each banner.

Step four. Start metasploit and hope it doesn't blow up because you didn't read the note in step 2.

Step five. Cycle through you new pimp banners.


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