Monday, May 23, 2011

carnal0wnage/Attack Research Blog Back On Blogger

Carnal0wnage/Attack Research Blog is back on blogspot. URL is still and should redirect you to the right place. I doubt that RSS feeds will be so lucky'll probably want to update your feeds.

Hopefully being back on blogger will allow for more and better discussions than on the drupal site and if the blind elephant guy is working on an update, hopefully this fucks up his talk and he doesn't get to call us out this year b/c Drupal sucks to update/manage.



phocean said...

Good news. I personnally have always preferred this version.
Though, I am not getting the story behind Blind Elephant...

CG said...

last year at BH he gave a talk and showed examples of sites running outdated drupal, the site made the list.

clubmaster said...

Good news! My Feeds are working correctly, as I could see the message about your returning.