Friday, June 3, 2011

wXf module buby/keyword_search_send

I've created a video on how to use the latest module addition to the buby family of modules in wXf. The purpose behind the module is to search Burp's history and seek out parameters in requests to an application which match our list of keywords. The keywords are basically parameters that might warrant manual analysis.

Consider we've made the following requests:

Most folks would agree that the request with a parameter of accountid warrants some manual analysis. On a larger scale (think thousands of requests), this can be tedious to search and then send to intruder or repeater. So the idea is that we have a keyword list to help speed things up, when a match is found, an alert is sent to burp and the request is sent over to repeater & intruder for manual analysis.

As of now the keyword list in wXf isn't huge but I plan on adding to it over the next few days. If you'd like to utilize GitHub's fork/edit/merge function to contribute interesting parameter names please fork the following file.

If you have a personal keyword list that you'd like to use privately that is okay too. The video shows you how to add a file under the datum directory and reload the list of "lfiles" (files under the datum directory).

Don't forget that if you have questions on usage, installation or anything else we've provided documentation here .

Lastly, here is the video:

wXf module buby/keyword_search_send from cktricky on Vimeo.



M00dy said...

Excellent thx a lot !!! Really i'm having fun following your tutorials

cktricky said...

I appreciate that feedback. If there is anything you'd like to see more of let me know.