Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strategic Security -- Exploit Development Course

Joe McCray with Strategic Security is running a two week exploit dev course.

Course Description & Instructor Information:

Strategic Security has teamed up with Net-Square to provide the most comprehensive exploit development course package available to the public. Occasionally similar courses are offered privately to various three letter agencies and large financial institutions.

Exploit development is often considered the most difficult area of focus in the entire field of IT security. It requires both a broad range of skills and deep level of knowledge in Networking, Operating Systems, and Programming. Now you too can learn what has long been thought to be "Black Magic" by many from one of the top practitioners and trainers in the world.

How is this course put together?
The course is actually a 2 week package deal designed to both teach the fundamentals of modern exploit development and give the student ample guided practice time with the instructor to actually get proficient.


Exploit Dev: No Assembly Required Oct 31 - 4 Nov 2011 (5 Days)
Exploit Dev: Target Practice Nov 7 - 11 2011 (5 Days)

Training Location

The workshops will be held at "The Academy of Computer Education" in Greenbelt, MD.
The address is:

7833 Walker Drive, Suite 520C Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

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Exploit Dev 1 Week @ $5,000

Exploit Dev 1 Week @ $6,000

Exploit Dev 2 Week Package Deal @ 8,500

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