Sunday, December 11, 2011

Root that Motorola Xoom and Get You Some BT5

Rooting the Xoom and putting BT5 on it...

Check out

For instructions to get android sdk (adb/fastboot) up and running. fastboot wasnt in the current sdk. i downloaded release 1.6.r1 from and put that in my platform-tools directory.

Links for the root image and what not are busted there, so go to

Follow instructions. make sure to copy the to EXTERNAL sdcard before you start :-)

I followed the instructions exactly as written and after reboot the Xoom was rooted.

For BT5:

go here, download BT5 for ARM.

unzip file, follow instructions in readme. It takes awhile to copy and extract things. I had two adb shells so i could watch the progress.

Similar instructions here:

The result:
Of course, about 5 seconds of trying to type on it made me not think it was so cool. So if there is an easy way to make it suck less to send text the console let me know.


Anonymous said...

Packet injection on the Xoom?
Or is the n900 still the way to go for that kind of thing?

CG said...

last post i could find by the BT guys was no, its not possible on the xoom

Robert said...

A rooted Xoom can work in host mode. I'm told that perhaps that means it can inject packets. I wonder if an AirPcap adapter might work like this?

Robert said...

I'm told by @jadedsecurity that this does in fact work.
I'll have to root my Xoom and try it with the Pcap adapter we have at work and see.

CG said...

cool! please post back if it works (with instructions, link to the blog, whatever)

dre said...

Just use a MBA with BT5. Hackers need keyboards.

Anonymous said...

>Just use a MBA with BT5.
> Hackers need keyboards.


1) drop the n900 (running chrooted BT5) off at the target,
2) ssh over 3G, and
3) attack the wireless networks from there...

BT / WiFi keyboards also possible if you don't want to give yourself RSI on the dicky little keyboard.

I assume these options work for the Xoom, but you'd be much more likely to lose your hardware.

I think these discussions are about options and using tools that work for the job.
Horses for courses and so on.