Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wigle Wifi Wardriving meets Google Earth for Neat Wifi Maps

I needed to make a map the access points for a client.  Since i cant show that map, i made another using the same technique.

First take your handy dandy Android device and install  Wigle Wifi Wardriving.

It uses the internal GPS and wifi to log access points, their security level and their GPS Position.

looks like this (yup i stole these)

List of access points

Also makes a cute map on your phone

once you have the APs you can export out the "run" from the data section. yes yes, the stolen photo says "settings" but if you install it today it will say "data" there now.

With the KML export you can import that directly into google earth and make all sorts of neat maps by toggling the data.

All Access Points

Open Access Points

WEP Encrypted Access Points

That's it.



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