Friday, November 2, 2012

Attack Research and Trail Of Bits Partnership

Earlier this week Trail Of Bits announced our partnership with them, offering trainings in New York City. We are very excited to team up with a great company, but also to start delivering practical training in the NYC area. This is the first installment of our new training program that is designed to provide good hands-on knowledge based training that practitioners can use right away.
We debuted our latest class Offensive Techniques at Countermeasure 2012 last week with incredible success. We will be offering Offensive Techniques in January with Trail Of Bits in NYC. In April, we will be releasing our new Rapid Reverse Engineering (RRE) class.  RRE is a practitioner based training that is designed to give reverse engineers techniques that can be used instantly. The class is designed to help get answers from files in a very rapid manner that can be used in instances such as incident response. There will be a technical blog post soon with some example content from Offensive Techniques and Rapid Reverse Engineering. We are very happy to announce this partnership with Trail Of Bits.
We will be releasing a full catalog of our available classes next week! We also offer private trainings of our classes and have the capability to offer classes almost anywhere. If you are interested or have questions email us at

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