Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Geo-stalking with Bing Maps and the Twitter Maps App

Geo/Social stalking is fun.  Bing maps has the ability to add various "apps" to the map to enhance your bind maps experience. One of the cooler ones is the Twitter Map app which lets you map geotagged tweets.

Let's start with somewhere fun, like the pentagon, and see who's tweeting around there

Once you have your places picked out, you can click on the Map Apps tab.

If you click on the twitter maps app, it loads recent geo-tagged tweets

As you zoom in, you get a bit more detail

You can also follow specific users and follow them around town :-)

thanks to indi303 for telling me about this



savant said...

Pro tip, Bing map apps don't appear to work in Chrome, or at least not Chrome OSX. Seems to work fine in Safari, ymmv.

Anonymous said...

Bing must not like you ... the Map App feature either doesn't work in FF/Linux or it has been removed.

CG said...

doesnt seem to work in Linux with chrome or FF. oh well use a virtual machine.