Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Blog's TSA Post and My TSA Rant

Pretty funny post here about a guy missing his flight because of his MacBook Air


and a TSA rant from my last trip:

While TSA didnt hold me up I would have preferred they did. Just got back from an overseas flight. We cram all our gear for assessments in those big black pelican cases. I spent about 45 minutes getting everything packed in there nice and tight and where nothing would rattle around and break, since I had signed for it and we have the "you break it, you bought it policy." So I get to the airport early, some times no ones cares about the big black case sometimes they do. I also got a nice fat padlock for it, again, sometime they care sometimes they don't.

That morning they did, but I got lucky. I must have had the most polite nice TSA guy i have ever met. He was like what's in the case, I'm like computer equipment, he's like ok, iI have to look inside whats the combo? He gets the case open, starts going through it. He's behind a screen so i can only see his head and not what he is doing. I go can you please make sure you put things back in there properly i have to pay if stuff gets broken and he's like sure sure no problem. I'm waiting outside the roped area to make sure it everything gets locked up properly and back on its way. Finally i hear him closing it up and lock and throw the thing on the conveyor belt, smiles and says everything is good to go and to have a nice flight.

I get to the hotel on the other end like 20 hours later and open the case. EVERYTHING is all over the place not even remotely where it was placed. harddrives, switches, cables all over the case and he even put the laptops back in with the screens facing out so a nice hard kick to the bottom of the case should have taken care of me getting any work done on the trip (will save that piece of knowledge for later). Anyway, just annoying that the guy was so nice all the while doing such a crappy job. Thankfully nothing was broken. I understand the need to protect us, and i'm glad people are there trying to do that, but if they cant have enough respect for our stuff to put it back in there right or allow US to put it back in there then don't open the crap up.

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