Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Book Review Criteria

I got an email asking how I base my reviews, so I came up with this as my stated review criteria.

5 stars: Book brought new detail or information to light, nothing else like it out there or a great update. Well written, few typos, well edited.

4 stars: Good information but nothing "new", written pretty well; good but not outstanding, has some issues.

3 stars: In some form or fashion the book has flaws whether it be editing or content, usually just average content.

2 stars: Shouldn't be used to start fires, but possibly pretty close.

1 stars: Probably shouldn't have been published and I want my money back, brings nothing of value whatsoever.

**Ideally, all those stars are qualified/explained with the write-up

If you disagree or have some things to add, PLEASE leave a comment :-)

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CG said...

Here are Richard Bejtlich's

"I said that five star books 1) change the way I look at a problem, or properly introduce me to thinking about a problem for which I have little or no frame of reference; 2) have few or no technical errors; 3) make the material actionable; 4) include current research and reference outside sources; and 5) are enjoyable reads."