Thursday, March 27, 2008

SOURCE Boston 2008 talks on blip tv

someone sent me this link or posted on the security blogger's network (can't remember which) but I did find some time to watch two of the sessions from SOURCE Boston 2008 on and thought I would pass them on to my 3 readers if they hadnt seen them.

I watched Rich Mogull's Understanding and Preventing Data Breaches

and the l0pht Panel.

Rich's talk was really interesting right up until the video stops short of the talk finishing :-(

and the l0pht panel was really interesting as well. Those guys did so much for the industry it was really interesting to hear them talk about the "good ol' days" and see what they are all doing now.

To do: watch Dan Geer's keynote.

I also caught Chris Wysopal's talk at Black Hat D.C. on Classification and Detection of Application Backdoors. It was about all the "extra" code that was put into different projects and programs over the years and timelines of how long it took for those "additions" to be discovered.


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