Monday, June 9, 2008

blind phreaker pays verizon security officer a home visit

"Less than two months after his celebrating his 18th birthday, a blind, East Boston-based phone hacker has been arrested for paying a Sunday afternoon visit to the Verizon security officer who'd been chasing him."

"Weigman allegedly persuaded a fellow hacker to drive him and his brother 66 miles to the home of William Smith, a Verizon security investigator who'd been monitoring Weigman's hacking and phoning in updates to the FBI. Smith was outside doing yard work when the three men drove up, according to an FBI affidavit. Weigman introduced himself and said he wanted to talk to Smith, who instead went inside and called the police."

not to say that calling the police wasnt the right move. 18 yr olds dont have the best track record of common sense and restraint in stressful or tense situations...


DanPhilpott said...

Yes, those blind teenager phreakers are notorious brawlers. It was a good idea to call the police and get the FBI involved for that kind of dangerous situation. You know to expect a vicious attack when the interloper introduces himself first and asks to talk.

CG said...

while i mostly agree, nerds in general arent too violent and he probably really did just want to talk. i would imagine it was quite a shock for the security dude when that the kid showed up at his house whether it was to fight or just to talk.

it wouldnt take much for a similar situation to get out of control especially when its 2 or 3 against 1.