Friday, June 13, 2008

Maltego Community Edition Available

Paterva has released a community (free) edition of Maltego v2

From the site:

The Community Edition is limited in the following ways:
  • A 15second nag screen
  • Save and Export has been disabled
  • Limited zoom levels
  • Can only run transforms on a single entity at a time
  • Cannot copy and paste text from detailed view
  • Transforms limited to 75 per day
  • Throttled client to TAS communication

1 comment:

sandro said...

Because of the java 1.6 requirement this does not run on most Macs. The java update for 1.6 is only available for 64-bit processors :/ (appears to be Apple's fault)

On another tone - glad to see the CE version. Maltego does really improve our quality of life ;)