Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hey United Airlines...Try Actually READING The Question

Its Sunday and I'm bitching.

We fly United Airlines alot for work and I'm getting close to getting my premier status and finally becoming a person according to United. In fact, on my next trip I'll reach enough miles on the outbound flight. Me hating to wait in line and being too paranoid about coughing up all my biometric info for the fly clear stuff I asked if United could "pre-upgrade" me based on the fact I will archive the required number of miles on the flight.

Here is the question I posed:

From: ME
To: United Airlines Web Question Form
Hi,I have an upcoming flight to Hawaii and will be gathering enough miles to become premier on the outbound leg of that flight. I wanted to see if it was possible to be upgraded to premier before the flight so i could use the premier check-in line at the airport.

thanks in advance.

and the response.

Thank you for your e-mail. Elite status is earned by our most frequent flyers. To qualify, you need to earn a given number of Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM) or Elite Qualifying Segments (EQS) in one calendar year. EQM and EQS can be earned by flying on United, Ted, United Express or any Star Alliance member airline and by participating in various promotions. Please visit or for an up-to-date list of Star Alliance members.

Once you qualify for elite status, your account is automatically upgraded. Members need to requalify each year. Elite status is not determined by the current balance of redeemable miles in an account. The three levels in our Elite program are:

Premier = 25,000 EQM or 30 EQS

Premier Executive = 50,000 EQM or 60 EQS

1K = 100,000 EQM or 100 EQS

**Yes all the information available on the website

To date, in 2008, you earned 22,053 Elite Qualifying Miles and 8.5 Elite Qualifying Segments. If you meet the elite membership criteria we can upgrade your status.

** More information I see when I log in

I wish you success in attaining your desired status.

** Then upgrade me!

Please contact us again if you have any questions concerning your Mileage Plus account.

Gisselle Dawson

Yup got it, pretty much what I stated in the question but no real answer. Now I figured the answer would be no, but you could at least read the friggin question and say no. At least I'll be a person on the return flight.

**Update, I actually sent a follow up email saying read my question and basically got the same response without a real answer (again). I wont bother putting it in here.

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