Saturday, February 7, 2009

Attacking Oracle with Metasploit ShmooCon Firetalk Demo

Here is the video from my Attacking Oracle with the Metasploit Framework ShmooCon Firetalk.

Attacking Oracle with the Metasploit Framework Shmoocon Firetalk Demo Video from carnal0wnage on Vimeo.


Pento said...

Very good video!
A already used oracle_sid and oracle_brute modules in pentests and they are very useful.

CG said...

great! glad they are working for you.

Christian Martorella said...

Cool, seems like we can get all Oracle tools/script in one place :)

Good Job!

Unknown said...

ha! i just finished doing alot of this stuff in a module i am writing.. i'm always one step behind! anyway are these modules available for download?

CG said...

most of the public stuff is on mc's page

what type of module were you working on? feel free to send me an email about it if you need help or want to help out.