Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BlackHat Day 1...writeup coming soon

Yeah I fully intended to do my day 1 write up, but Lost was on, sorry...

But I do have notes and if i'm motivated in the morning will do it on the train in for Day 2.

Couple of quick highlights with more tomorrow.

Travis Goodspeed is a hardware ninja and all zigbee are belong to Travis.

Michael Sutton with client side SQLI is the new hotness. Go Google Gears!

Adam Laurie is still the RFID man! and now I have to buy satellite gear because his commercial satellite hacking was the shizzle!

I got to see HD Moore in the flesh...thats always cool.

Lunch was way better than last year

some gripes...

no free BlackHat T-shirt! what the F**k!!! for $1200+ people deserve their free BlackHat T-shirt and shouldn't have to pay 20 bucks for one. man, that really started me off on a downer for the day

no phone signal in the con area so no twitter :-( ...yeah i don't have an iphone so i couldn't just connect to the wifi because i have verizon and they border on cruel and unusual punishment.

Day 2

looking forward to Valsmith and Collin's talk and David Litchfield's talk.


Anonymous said...

Nice post man ,I'm would trade my iPhone for a BlackHat T-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Soo... wait... HD isn't a bot?

CG said...

cyborg maybe, but doesnt appear to be a bot :-)