Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shmoocon Day 2 & 3

Shmoocon is over, according to twitter good times were had by all.

I missed a few talks I wanted to see due to it being too crowded in alot of them and also me not getting my butt in gear on Saturday morning.

So what I did catch.

Zero_Chaos' talk on 802.11 ObgYn or "Spread Your Spectrum" which was about his updated drivers to open up some wifi ranges that were only not accessible because of software driver limitations. very good talk.

Enno Rey and Daniel Mende's talk on All your packets are belong to us - Attacking backbone technologies was interesting but I had to leave par tof the way through.

I unfortunately missed Dave Kennedy's talk on Fast-track that I really wanted to see.

Sunday morning I caught Matt Weir's Enough with the Insanity: Dictionary Based Rainbow Tables. He talked about optimizing the rainbow crack code to be able to do some "smart" rainbow table generation. Tool site: & blog

Lastly Chris Padget completely demoralized Electronic Drivers License and US Passport Cards, I mean slapped around, spanked, sent to bed without dinner. Great presentation. Really layed out all the reason the technology is wrong for what they are trying to do and how really really wrong the implementation is...ouch.

On other fronts. Dean was there so its always good to hang with Dean. I redid the Oracle talk in my room to some people and got some really good feedback and some things to work on for future functionality.

I also got to put tons of faces to names so shout outs to all the people that I met at shmoo for the first time (too many to list).

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Anonymous said...

Fast-Track talk was awesome. Point, click, pop a box!