Monday, September 7, 2009

Obfuscating your IP using a Burp/Tor/Prixoy combination.

Approximately a year or so ago @jack_mannino and I were banging our heads against the desk trying to figure out a good way to obfuscate the source of our web traffic while maintaining the use of our intercepting proxy.

When we figured out a viable solution, we had some beer & pizza, talked for a bit and realized we should share this with somebody. Jack wrote a blog post about it Here. Then Mubix suggested we should make a video. I didn't have much time to go about editing the video so Mubix did that for me. Thanks again Mubix.

Burp through Privoxy and Tor from mubix on Vimeo.

I hope somebody gets some use out of it.

Happy Hacking!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet peas. The DNS queries are leaked with this approach tho. But maybe that's not a problem.